Spice Mixes

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  • Biriyani Mix


    Bring out the true Biriyani flavor with “Mc Currie” Biriyani Paste prepared with a blend of the finest ingredients.

    Product Details

    • Weight: 100g & 250g
  • Chicken Curry Mix – 250g


    Spice Mix for Chicken Curry

    Product Details

    • Weight: 250g
  • Curry Powder Unroasted – 250g


    Unroasted curry powder is called Amu Thuna Paha (literally, raw three-five). The name refers to the three to five spices that unroasted curry powder traditionally contains. The three essential spice seeds include cumin seeds, fennel seeds, and coriander seeds, and additional curry leaves and/or pandanus leaves, and cinnamon bark.

  • Fish Ambulthyal Mix – 250g


    The specially selected ingredients for Fish Ambulthiyal blended together to bring about “Mc Currie” Spice Mix for Fish Ambulthiyal truly matches the authentic dish prepared by the Southerners of Sri Lanka.

    Product Details

    • Weight: 250g
  • Kirihodi Mix – 45g


    “Mc Currie” Kiri Hodi Mix is so much like the normal kiri hodi. Blended with the best spices from the “Mc Currie” range, this Kiri Hodi mix is a fine accompaniment with string hoppers, white rice, fried dry fish-keeramin and coconut sambol.

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    • Weight: 45g
  • Yellow Rice Mix


    “Mc Currie” Yellow Rice Mixture contains all the necessary ingredients for yellow rice, but is time-saving and at the same time a tasty mixture to turn out the best in Yellow Rice preparations.

    Product details

    Weight: 22g