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  • Cashew Badun


    Cashew is a firm favourite among young and old, as “Mc Currie turns it out into a mouth-watering product with a blend of Onion, Cashew, Vegetable Oil Curry Leaves, Sugar, Salt and Chillie, and Vitamin E to come up with Cashew Badun, in a way only Mc Currie knows how.

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    • Weight: 250g (Vacuum pack)
  • Chinese Chili Paste – 360g


    A blend of authentic ingredients, “Mc Currie” Chinese Chillie Paste is a “rice puller” when combined into a menu featuring Yellow Rice, Ghee Rice, Fried Rice, and even the good old plain white rice, will tantalize your taste buds and is a preservative-free product. “Mc Currie” Chinese Chillie Paste is best consumed with Yellow Rice, Ghee Rice, Fried Rice, Nasigoreng, and even plain rice. A light spread of Chinese Chillie Paste in a sandwich makes a great snack.

  • Dry Fish Badun – Katta Karawala


    Dry Fish in any form tastes heavenly, but “Mc Currie” Dry Fish Badun is one step ahead with the best of Dry Fish from the coastal lines of Sri Lanka, it is a superb accompaniment with plain rice, coconut sambol, and Kiri hodi.

    • Fried Brinjals & Sprat In Spicy Tamarind Sauce


      A combination of fried brinjals, sprats, and tamarind sauce brings about a tangy flavour and a tasty twist in “Mc Currie” Fried brinjals and sprats in spicy tamarind sauce. A superb accompaniment with any type of rice and could even be eaten with bread.

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      • Weight: 330g
    • Fried Dry Fish (Keeramin) – 160g


      Keeramin is a type of dry fish that is normally fried with chillies, onions, curry leaves and crushed chillies. Mc Currie has turned out a mouthwatering and “rice puller with Keeramin in the form of fried dry fish and you will never be able to tell the difference.

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      • Weight: 160g
    • Fried Maldive Fish & Chilli Badun – 120g


      A perfect combination of Maldive fish and chillies is what Mc Currie has turned out in the form of Fried Maldive Fish and Chillie Badun. A fantastic side dish with Yellow Rice, Plain Rice, and Ghee Rice, this authentic preparation tantalizes your taste buds.

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      • Weight: 120g
    • Katta Sambol – 350g


      “Mc Currie” Katta Sambol is a blend of crushed chillies, maldive fish and spices. It is a ready-to-eat product of “Mc Currie” and is a fine accompaniment with Milk Rice, Roti and Hoppers. You could even try it as a sandwich spread.

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      • Weight: 350g
      • Earliest Best Before: 15-02-2023


    • Keselmuwa Sambol


      A preparation in par with the cuisine of our ancestors, “Mc Currie” Keselmuwa Sambol is an excellent accompaniment with bread, plain rice, string hoppers, hoppers, and roti.

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      Weight: 200g

    • Lime Pickle (Jaffna Style) – 400g


      A perfect blend of lime, salt, vinegar, fenugreek, chilli, and turmeric, Mc Currie Lime Pickle tastes heavenly and gives that tangy twist.

      Prepared to an age-old recipe, “Mc Currie” Lime Pickle (Jaffna Style), is different from the normal Lime Pickle and is a superb accompaniment with rice and thosai.

    • Malay Pickle – 360g


      “Mc Currie” Malay Pickle is prepared using authentic ingredients and is a fantastic accompaniment with Yellow Rice and Fried Rice, which gives a tangy taste and is a mouthwatering Pickle.

    • Maldive Fish Sambol – 200g


      Maldive Fish, a delightful ingredient in many a cuisine, turned out by Mc Currie in a Sambol, and is prepared out of the finest ingredients, this product is a fantastic accompaniment with yellow rice, plain red or white rice. It also makes a delicious sandwich when spread over bread and butter.

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      • Weight: 200g
    • Polos Curry – 340g


      Polos or tender jak is a firm favorite as it is an authentic preparation and a firm favorite. Prepared to a secret recipe, “Mc Currie” Polos Curry is a fine accompaniment with plain rice and even bread.

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      • Weight: 340g
    • Seeni Sambol – 360g


      A firm favourite with hoppers and string-hoppers, Mc Currie Seeni Sambol is prepared with a blend of fresh and fine ingredients to bring about a superb flavor.

    • Sinhala Pickle – 330g


      Known as Sinhala Achcharu to all Sri Lankans, “Mc Currie” Sinhala Pickle is a blend of the finest in ingredients that brings out a true Sri Lankan style pickle.

    • Sprats Badun – 175g


      Sprats are a firm favourite when prepared in any form, Mc Currie goes a step ahead with its Sprats Badun which is prepared with a fusion of handpicked ingredients and turned out into a delectable product, which would blend finely as a sandwich spread, yellow rice, and plain rice, string-hoppers, and hoppers.

      Product Details

      • Weight: 175g

      Product Details

      • Weight: 175g