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Pouch Products – Authentic Sri Lankan Spices and Spice Blends

Renowned as a spice hub in South East Asia since the 14th century, Sri Lankan spices are still an essential part of traditional culinary additions, all around the world.

Organically grown and carefully selected high-quality spices and spice blends are packed using vacuum packaging technology, by which air is drawn out of the pack to ensure longer, fresher storage.

A wide range of whole spices, crushed condiments, spice mixes, powdered spices, and prepared curries are available in our range of pouch products.

Roasted Curry Powder (Dark) - 100g Sold Out
Regular price $2.40
Chillie Powder - Unroasted
From $2.86
Chilli Flakes (Crushed Chilli)
From $3.20
Ceylon Cinnamon Quills
Regular price $5.29
Black Pepper Corn
From $2.96
Chicken Curry Mix - 250g
Regular price $5.75
Crushed Pepper - 250g Sold Out
Regular price $6.90
Ceylon Cinnamon Quills -3"Cut
Regular price $16.40
Mustard Seed
From $2.90
Roasted Curry Powder
From $2.45
Curry Powder - Unroasted
From $2.84
Goraka Pieces
From $3.42