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Jar Products - Ready-to-eat Jar Products

You will find a range of ready-to-eat Jar products which are popular choices among modern Sri Lankan housewives and anyone leading busy lifestyles who crave to enjoy some of the most delicious, traditional Sri Lankan dishes such as chutneys, baduns (Fries), pastes, sauces, pickles, and sambols.

These products save preparation time and add a rich taste to your dishes. Only genuine, pure ingredients, spices, and spice blends were used in manufacturing these ranges of jar products. They are convenient, reasonably priced, and through "Kataya.com" are now readily available for all Kiwis.

Sinhala Pickle - 330g
Regular price $5.80
Chinese Chilli Paste - 360g
Regular price $9.20
Sprats Badun - 175g
Regular price $5.98
Curry Sauce Masala for Chicken - 350g
Regular price $7.82
Fish Ambultiyal Paste - 225g
Regular price $5.75
Seeni Sambol - 360g
Regular price $7.50
Dry Fish Badun - Katta Karawala
Regular price $5.30
Mango Chutney - 450g
Regular price $5.98
Lime Pickle (Jaffna Style) - 400g Sold Out
Regular price $5.30
Biriyani Paste - 250g
Regular price $6.67
Nasi Goreng Paste
Regular price $6.90
Spice Paste for Meat Curry
Regular price $4.60